Understanding Zoning Rules for Massachusetts 40B Affordable Housing

Affordable housing has become an increasingly pressing issue in Massachusetts, with high housing costs and limited availability making it difficult for many residents to find a home they can afford. In response, the state has implemented a number of policies designed to promote the development of affordable housing, including the 40B program. The 40B program […]

How Rental Property Management Software Makes Your Duties as a Landlord Easier

Rental property management software has become more popular over the years because it has allowed landlords a degree of flexibility. They no longer need to be on their toes, constantly looking after their property. Instead, this software makes things simpler and easier for them. Curious how some software can make such a huge task easy?  […]

Property Management Tips For Making the Rental Turnover Process Smoother

Whether a landlord owns one rental property or several, they undoubtedly have a certain level of tenant turnover. The process of managing those outgoing tenants can be time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful, especially if the lines of communication are not clear. Not only does it affect the property owner and manager, but it also has a […]

What are the Maintenance Responsibilities for a Landlord in Residential Management?

If you are considering buying a property to rent out and act as a landlord for a second income, it is essential that you know what your responsibilities are while managing that property. Rental properties can be a successful business, but they also come with obligations. You have to balance making money with providing the […]


More Americans than ever are choosing to rent rather than buy a property. This means you can earn big money as a small-time landlord if you know what you’re doing. Here’s everything you need to know to attract great tenants and increase your overall profits. Minimize TurnoverYou lose money every day a rental unit sits empty. […]