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Why Use Excel Worksheets When You Can Use Tenant Ledger

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Tenant Ledger: Decreasing Hassle In Your Life

When it comes to rental payments or maintaining a ledger either on the books or on an excel worksheet, then it is a tedious task at best.

But first what is a tenant ledger in the first place? It is a document that generally reflects various transactions made by an individual tenant to his landlord.  It will show any deposit amounts paid, along with all the relevant and closest due dates of rent payments that have to be paid to the landlord, by the tenant.

As a general rule a tenants' ledger usually includes only one entry per month, although some of them might also include additional entries as well, so as to reflect property improvements or for that matter, even repair expenses. On the other hand, the corresponding landlord's ledger will also include various revenue entries for the various rent payments that have already been received by him to date.  The general expenses on this ledger might also include tax payments, mortgage payments, assessment expenses, repair costs various property improvements, and other miscellaneous property related expenses and charges.

This is the part where our "Tenant Ledger" software comes into the picture. It is the ultimate "Property Management Solution" for leasers and property managers alike, for large variety of reasons. Let us take a look at a few of them:

This Is An Extremely User-Friendly Software Program

The drop-down menus essentially ensures that there is no training needed to learn how to use Tenant Ledgers. This way you would not have to go through a steep learning curve at all (as with MS Excel, for instance with its myriad options and formula).

It just works. And with the help of this software you can not only save a lot of time, but also stay organized and even manage your work, in a better and smarter way as well.

Ease of Communication

It is possible to easily send automated emails to all of your tenants in order to let them know when their payments are due or even if any have already been received.

Cloud-Based Software So There Are No Restrictions On Its Mobility

Thanks to this software it is possible to both monitor and manage your property business just about anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the whole system is completely secure and is also backed up on a daily basis.


With the help of Tenant Ledger, it is possible to make sure that you are always on top of all of your financial data.

Leasing Properties And Tracking Operations

You can also easily automate as well as track the whole leasing process from beginning to end. While simultaneously tracking all of your day to day, property related operations.

As far as property software goes, tenant Ledger definitely has a lot going for it since it has been specifically designed keeping the property manager in mind.