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Track your properties, tenants and day to day operations.

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Keep up to date with your current financials.


Automate and track the leasing process from beginning to end.


Track your day-to-day operations.


Accurate reporting giving you everything you need.


Property management solutions designed for your everyday property manager

Tenant Ledger All-In-One

Track your accounting, leases, tenants
and properties in one software

Simple accounting software
  • Simple accounting keeping your books balanced and up to date
  • Post invoices and payments in Tenant Ledger
  • Accurate reporting giving you everything you need
  • Manage and pay bills with one click

Tenant Ledger for QuickBooks

Keep your accounting in QuickBooks and
properties in Tenant Ledger

QuickBooks Online
  • Connect your QuickBooks account with one click.
  • Live sync between Tenant Ledger and QuickBooks
  • Easily keep track of leases improving your workflow
  • Automated invoices based on lease

Why choose Tenant Ledger?

Providing property managers with the best experience possible.

Grow Your Business

We'll help you manager & grow your business:

Simple to use

No training needed, it just works. Save time, stay organized and manage smarter.


Easily send automated emails to let your tenants know when payments are due or have been received.

Cloud-Based Software

Monitor and manage your business anywhere, anytime. Our system is secure and is backed up daily.

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Focus on managing properties

Anywhere, anytime, any device.